Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing blogging catchup

I've been seriously neglecting my blog due to a few things. Time's been short, but also, I've been having some weird inner ear congestion thing that makes me dizzy and unable to hear out of the right side. Doc says to take a decongestant, but the meds make me even more dizzy and nauseated, so it's hard to sit still at my desk a lot.

Quips for the past couple of weeks:

  • The Olympics: I'm adopting the phrased "Pwn the Odium" (TM) after spending two weeks reading and listening to international and domestic sniping about how Vancouver has been "The Worst Olympics Ever." Frankly, I'm sure there have been know, like the ones where people got blown up by terrorist bombs. And part of me wonders if the international sports media is just complaining because Canadians are easy targets--like the quiet nerdy kid who likes to read in the library at lunch, but who plays a mean stickball at recess. In any case, Canada pulled through on their sports of choice--hockey and curling--and reaped a record number of goals. We didn't "Own the Podium" but, like good Canadians, we're satisfied to have played and placed. The important thing is we had fun!
  • The Wedding: 90 days left. Trying not to hyperventilate. All I ask is that we're married and no bloodshed has ensued by the end of the night....
  • Smartikus: I think he might fail at cat. John and I both witnessed our poor kitty attempt to leap from the counter to the table, but he missed and performed a loud and spectacular face-plant on the ground, all paws outstretched. And then, while playing fetch, he bolted straight into a footstool. Both times, he recovered and pretended it hadn't happened.

And now, some links:

Videos from my bachelorette:

And, because I need to cross-post more, this, from Vicki Heat's blog:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Medieval on my ass...

The bachelorette was yesterday. Fun times!

No, there were no strippers, no copious amounts of booze or titillating games of "I Never." Instead, my ladies took me to Body Blitz Spa, where I was soaked, steamed and massaged into a stupor, and then I was marched along Queen Street where I was forced to collect signatures of random people, and to Medieval Times!

I'd never been to the dinner and tournament, but it had occurred to me earlier that it would make the perfect venue for a party. I mean, who doesn't like jousting and roast chicken and hot guys on horses, waving their swords around? I'll take that over a strip club any day!

Lucky for me the girls knew me so well and had planned out the night with chivalry and debauchery in mind together.

I don't know what it is: There's just something about a knight in shining armor riding a horse and calling you "my lady" that gets my chastity belt in a twist. Of course, it probably helped that my girls had me dressed up in a full princess costume with a wedding veil...and any number of bachelorettish anachronisms, like the flashing button that says "Kiss the Bride to Be." Can't pass up any chance at humiliation, of course.

On that note, I was made a lady of the realm (knighted) and was forced to hand out a medal to the hottest guy in the building at the end of the event. It turned out to be the green knight, champion for our section, bad guy of the realm, but best damned knight out there. He seemed to accept the accolade with good cheer despite obvious exhaustion. It might have gone to Ken the barkeep, who m'ladied the pants off my sister, but then we heard him speak without the affected English accent and then that all went away.

The food was fine for what it was--tomato bisque and garlic bread, half a roast chicken, a rib, a baked potato skin, an apple pie-ish dessert, and coffee/tea and Pepsi. I had terrible heartburn later that night, and the lack of anything green really did make it a kind of oggy meal. But you'll eat anything when you're being entertained with violence and horses.

As a spectacle, Medieval Times was a terrific venue for anyone willing to accept it with a fine helping of salt and good cheer. Truly, it was a craptacularly romantic time.

Thank you, ladies, for fulfilling my medieval fantasy!


Nominated for another Dotmoon UFO fanfiction award, this time for my last Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic In the Family Way.

Nice to know people are reading and going through all the hassle of nominating me. If only my original fiction were as appreciated...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More SQUEEEEE than I can shake a fist at

New Last Airbender trailer--need I squee more?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's that time of winter when all the world seems to be the same shade of sickly brown and grey; it's right around now that I find myself yearning for sunshine and flowers and clothes that aren't black, brown, grey, or any other shade of whatever's going on on the slushy ground outside.

Hench, the crazy pastel colour scheme. It'll keep me from slitting my wrists just to see a little colour until springtime...

You'll just have to put up with the ugliness until I get around to redesigning the blog. You should thank me: The blood dripping from your eyes will colour your world!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Avatarddendum *lil' squee*

Ganxingba's latest Avatar: The Abridged Series. Makes me snortgiggle every time.

Also, T-shirts of even greater Avatarded obscurity now available. This is why I love the Internets.


I peed my pants all day after I watched this.

I really, really, REALLY don't want to get my hopes up...preliminary reports of the rough screen test are mixed. But the simple fact that Shyamalan actually took a frame straight out of the cartoon to use in the movie gives me hope. (See 0:08.)

Also, check out the awesome shots of Aang, Zuko, Sokka/Katara, and Suki at the official web site.

No, they actors are not Asian...but I'll give them a pass for now....

Considering the slew of movies based on young adult books and TV shows that have been coming out (e.g. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thieves, etc.) I imagine The Last Airbender will get lost among the other offerings.

But I'm still going to watch it.

Now ask me how many times I watched the trailer today...(about eight times.)

Monday, February 01, 2010

POST 600! --OR-- I suck at blogging

Man, life is getting in the way of living.

  • Had the housewarming this past weekend, finally. In excess of 60 people, lots of babies, too much food and wine. Fun times had by all (I hope!). Thanks to everyone who came out!
  • Wedding plans are on. The officiant's booked, so even if everything else falls apart (OH GOD, WHY DID I JUST JINX IT???) we'll still be able to get married. And that's all that matters.
  • Writing is a-go. Young adult fantasy novel moving along at a regular clip, but I'm not satisfied by where it's going. Must pause to reevaluate.
  • Smartikus remains the best cat ever.
  • John is cooking. I mean really cooking. Really good food, too. Better than what I can make. And he's reading cooking books. I'm worried I can't wow him with Spam noodles anymore...
  • Work continues to be awesome.
  • This continues to bother me 2 days after I watched it. Why won't it leave my brain?