Saturday, May 31, 2008

What I did on my writing vacation...

Hiatuses are good.

Been spending the last couple of days NOT writing--which is surprisingly difficult, since I have so many projects I'd like to start/continue/complete. Still, I can't deny that treating myself to a brain break is really helping...of course, I'm also dealing with a lovely cough/flu thing, so laying low isn't a bad idea.

It's occurred to me that I don't take enough pleasure in my life, so I've been steadily dosing myself with joy over the past couple of days. Here's what I treated myself to:
  • 1 McDonald's Cheeseburger (more than that would be disgusting)
  • A pretty new ID holder for my Metropass (because I always seem to carry it and my debit card independently of my wallet)
  • Pizza (from Eglinton Station--they make the best pizza there)
  • PS2 video game--Avatar: The Burning Earth (on sale for $20 at Toys R Us! I've wanted this for a long time, but didn't want to shell out $50 for it)
  • Trendy black tights (because they're trendy)

In addition to playing ATLA: TBE until I pass out from not blinking, I've actually sat down to watch FullMetal Alchemist, which I acquired some time ago and haven't been able to sit through. I've entirely forgotten to joy of vegging out in front of the TV, watching episode after episode of something that seems to have no end in sight. (Yeah, yeah, everyone tells me to watch Bleach--I'll get there eventually.)

As I write this, I am eating blueberry pancakes John has made. They're delish.
Oh, the simply joys in life.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Author upchuckdate...

Gahhhh, finally, the end of May has rolled around and I just fired off my submission to Samhain Publishing's Tickle My Fantasy Anthology. Lover at First Bite is a tale of love, betrayal, intrigue and dental hygiene between a vampire and his dentist. I started writing it in March when I heard about the contest. Cross your fingers.

I also sent off my contest entry to the Toronto Romance Writers Golden Opportunity Contest over the weekend. I sent off the first chapter to my second book, Star Attraction, about a rising Hollywood star who falls for a reclusive has-been starlet he idolized in his teenage years.

I'm waiting for the relief to settle in--May has been completely devoted to the process and discipline of writing at the expense of just about everything else. But something I've discovered about writing and submitting--even when I'm posting to that I end up holding my breath in anticipation for rejection.

It's a strange existence in which I throw my time and energy into the abyss of expected failure--not because I don't think I'm a good writer, but because that is the reality of the publishing business. One day, though, I will return triumphant, and that day will mean a nice lobster dinner for me and John, who has put up with my obsession.

On a brighter note, I met the very lovely Moor (beyondthemoor) over the weekend for lunch. She's been an excellent sounding board and has always given me brutal honesty about everything I write. One day, I will credit her in my acknowledgments page as being the one who was never afraid to tear me a new one. (Hi, Moor! Thanks for everything!)

I'm going to take my time with my next project, a fantasy story, and just take more time to balance my life and actually enjoy what I do rather than stress over my own self-imposed deadlines. I think I've tortured myself enough--best to take Philip Pullman's advice and just write what I want to write.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's Lobotomy

I can write Grey's Anatomy dialogue.
I can start a drawn-out diatribe with an opening statement, then back it up with examples that clarify my position, using run-on sentences to further the urgency and intensity of my emotions.
I can begin every sentence thereafter with the same first two words to develop an established rhythm and pattern so you have no way of interjecting.
I can repeat a phrase and use emphasis on different words to make my point.
I can repeat a phrase and use emphasis on different words to make my point.
I. Can. Repeat a phrase. And use emphasis on different words to make my point.
And I can end my diatribe with the sentence I used at the very beginning.
I can write Grey's Anatomy dialogue.

That said, I don't know why Derek and Meredith keep yo-yoing back and forth in their tired relationship. I'm sick of those two--I only watch the show for everyone else.

Kinda makes me wonder if it'll end up like Dawson's Creek after the title character sorta got pushed out of the picture by the wildly more popular best-friend character.

Not that I ever watched the show or anything.

Taking bets now as to how many episodes it'll take in the next season for Derek and Meredith to break up: I give it five episodes, when a twisty new character will be added to the ensemble and draw Meredith's attention away.

(See what I did there?)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We taught Bowie a new word today.


Isn't she doomed smart for 15 months?

Dang it, now we all have to start watching what we say...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Sexyfine

Watched Prince Caspian over the weekend and all I could think of whenever Prince Sexyfine Caspian opened his mouth was this (fast forward to 3:06):

And this:

And this:

And, of course, this:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is the candidate you're looking for...*Jedi mind trick hand wave*

Luke Skywalker/The Joker/Fire Lord Ozai endorses Barack Obama:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't Hate Democracy...

One of my fanfics, The Game, was awarded an honorary mention in 2006 on's Universal Fanfiction Open contest.

This year, it's been nominated for a best of fandom in the ATLA category!

Not to beg, but will you vote for me? Please? Or at least read the other entrants' works and pick...because democracy can't exist without you!

Click here to vote!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What happened to the other 26.6%?

My scores for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart 2008 contest came in today. After bell curving, I just squeaked into the top quarter!

Hooray for being average! This reminds me of university all over again...


John comes home and I show him my results.

Me: Hooray for mediocrity!
JM: The top 25% isn't mediocre. 50% is mediocre.
Me: 50% is fail!
JM: 49% is fail.
Me: But 51% is the election!
JM: 49% is the election...if you know someone on the Supreme Court.