Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two of my favourite things... together at last!

An Avatar fanvid... synched perfectly to the Two Towers trailer.
Oddly enough, it almost feels like the exact same story. It's an amazing piece of work. Go watch it.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Excerpt from the journals of Worker 114, Day One:

I am looking for a Job.

Not just any Job, but THE Job. This fabled relic is said to exist, but each is unique to its holder, its value surpassing any jewel or trinket a mortal person could devise. With The Job, it is said one will find eternal happiness and contentment. It is said that The Job will bring delights both physical and mental. It is said that one will be at peace with the world if one attains The Job.

And so I have decided to seek The Job. My Job.

I begin my journey by travelling to the city of Workopolis. The way is straight and quick like the bite of a whip, but the dangers do not lie in the journey - they are within the city walls.

Workopolis is a vast and complex place of many opportunities; open doors to mysterious and wonderful places I can only glimpse if granted access by the gatekeepers. But I am wary. These houses are as numerous and promising as the streetwalkers who eye me continually, and I risk more than losing just my wallet and watch if I enter the wrong establishment.

My life is at stake. My livelihood. If I enter the wrong house, I may never exit to continue the Quest.

"Oi! Looking for a fast-paced environment writing for the country's largest insurance firm?" One man calls loudly from the doorway of a particularly large and opulent building. I tilt my head and take a step forward, only to see the stream of rats scuttling out a side door. The rodents, wide-eyed and world-weary, glance furtively at me before scampering away into the welcome darkness.

"Thanks, I'll pass for now."

I wander down Workopolis' numerous avenues - narrow, crooked roads threading between and around some of the biggest houses I have ever seen. I know many of these manors, of course, and each has a plethora of doors and windows one can peer into, but many do not interest me. These buildings have simply stood for too long, are too well-established for the likes of me and my meagre upbringing.

It has not yet been half the day, and I have not combed the city as I had planned, but I grow weary and depressed and decide to retire to Fanfiction. Perhaps the tenants of this lively tavern can set me on the right path to The Job...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Important Notice!!

Bananas and Coke don't mix.

Having said that, I just KNOW you're all going to try it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

That is all.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost to the fandom...

I haven't been this sadly obsessed since high school and my days of Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Ranma 1/2 fandom. Life for me right now must suck as much as it did back then to be enjoying this so much... Or maybe I'm just a BIG NERD.

So I've posted my first Avatar Fanvid up - I just started playing with the Windows Movie Maker, and I got totally hooked on it. It's pretty easy to use, and I always loved editing stuff.

Overall, it took me most of the weekend to put together, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. (Yeah, that's right, this is what I do with my weekends these days...)

Have a gander and let me know what you think: it's to the tune of White Flag, by Dido.


To people who don't care (and won't likely watch this anyhow):
Why this was a work of love: it involved clipping scenes and making it look like there was a romance going on between two characters that have no existing relationship. Though it's pretty obvious it's going to happen.

To the fans who are visiting my blog (I love you guys - you've increased hits to my site a billionfold):
Yup, it's a Zutara fanfilm. And it's cheeeeeeesetacular. I debuted it on the Katara_Zuko LJ site, and knowing that not many people read this LJ, I figure, heck, I should pimp it here. Dunno where else to put it.

Pass it along, let me know what you think, etc. etc.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


On the request of another fanfic writer, I wrote my first smut fic. Yep, Vicki, the intrepid author dares to forge through the genre that is erotica.

Now, most of you are probably going *blush* or, "Oh my," but to that I say, "meh." Sure, maybe I'm a dirty bird, but I'm a firm believer of genre transcendence. So far, I've written a kids' story, a musical, a horror, several comedic shorts (or drabbles), the smut fic, and now I'm onto a murder mystery. I'll have to work in a western at some point, and the almighty AU (alternate universe) that is essential to any fanfic author's collection. I'll find time for that one day.

I have to say the experience of writing pure porn without plot was a touch boring. Descriptions get clinical and the narrative ends up taking the rhythm of the actual act. Which is fine and dandy, if you like that sort of thing. The challenge was keeping it interesting as a story, which, if there is no plot apart from getting from point A, to point Big O, is really, really hard. But since it was based on existing characters that readers know and love, it was easier than trying to build story around the situation. It's just "oh, you're hot, let's do it!" and everyone just accepts that. So, yay for me!

All in all, it was a real learning experience. I ended up doing two versions of the story - a PG version and a hardcore version (Oasis, by FatefulFish. I think my story crashed their server). So if you really want to know what Vicki's been up to lately, have a look. Of course, it was pretty hilarious as I scrounged for different descriptors and synonyms, as John can tell you.

Meanwhile, life goes on. I actually plan on writing a real novel of my own someday, and not just
fanfic. It's just nice to get feedback from total strangers on the net. Especially when your family and friends really, really don't care to read your stuff.

(But hell, I suppose if you're reading this right now, you must care!)