Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Frequently Asked Questions About My Book

Title: Her Son's Hero
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance (#1718)
Author: Vicki Essex
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-71718-7

1. So, it's a romance, right? 'Cuz I don't read romances.
Yeah, it's a romance. And you're a liar: you've read romances, you just don't think they are because other things happen in them. And I didn't say you actually had to READ my book, just BUY it.

2. So, what's it about?
Go check out the Books page on my author website. Though, do you really need to know? All you have to do it BUY MY BOOK.

3. How much is it?
Go check it out on the website. The price ranges around $5-$7. There is a large print, regular print and ebook version. They are all readily available through Amazon, Chapters, your local Walmart, drugstores, grocery stores...pretty much anywhere they sell Harlequin books, which is a LOT of places. BUT...

4. It's only on shelves for a MONTH????
The Harlequin business model means category romances only stay in stores until the next month's books come in. After that, you'll only find hard copies in used bookstores, libraries, and the occasional smaller store. The ebook will be available indefinitely on the Harlequin website. So BUY MY BOOK BEFORE THE END OF AUGUST. 'Cuz after that, you're SOL.

5. Well, what if I just pirate it?
Then you're a bastard, and I'm going to roll you for your latte money next time I see you walking down the street.

6. Is there sex in it?
Yes, there is one sex scene. But the book is mainly about the romantic conflict between the hero and heroine, and while the attraction smolders, you won't find any "throbbing members." At least, I'm pretty sure you won't. If you're a prude, you can easily skip the sex scene without missing much.

7. Will you sign my book?
I'd love to...but you'll do everyone a huge favor if you attend one of my signings. Check out my website for details.

8. Are you writing more?